Results 4th Serbian Freediving Championship

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The 4th Serbian freediving championships took place on last Saturday (more info here). 30 freedivers from 4 countries had a good competition.

There were some interesting performances during this competition. The big one came from Goran Colak who did a big static of 8:35 minutes.

Winner with the men was Domagoj Jakovac with 129,9 points. He did a6:02 min static and a 100 meter without fins. With the women Magda Milas from Croatia was the strongest with 103,8 points. She did a 4:20 min static and a 100 meter without fins.

7 disqualifications, 7 penalties and 2 blackouts in this competition, which is quite a lot in my opinion. 60 performances and 16 problems make it a percentage of 26%.

Congrats to the winners! Here is the link to the complete result lists.