The Freediver’s Recovery Vest

Terry Maas has just announced that the Freediver’s recovery vest he has been working on for 5 years now is working and that they are ready to  produce the product shortly.

Thanks to Terry his writings and books I had something to hold on to when I started freediving in ’97. He was always talking about safety and shallow water blackout. Unfortunately 5 years ago his son died while spearfishing due to a shallow water blackout and his quest to make freediving and spearfishing safe began.

The first reviews seems very promising, although the vest has only been reviewed by spearfishers and I’m wondering what competition freedivers will think about it.

In short the vest comes with a wrist attached diving computer that works pretty much just as any other good freediving computer. The difference here is that you can set parameters; one for max depth and one for max time. If you reach or exceed any of these two, the small pressurized air bottle will inflate the vest by itself. This way you float to the surface and because the inflation devices are situated around your shoulders and chest, you always come out of the water chest up, so that your face is not in the water.

Sounds like an excellent device. Only downside for the moment is the hefty price tag of 3000,- US dollars, which will be a deal breaker for a lot freedivers. We can only hope it becomes a mass production device so that the price gets down to a more reasonable price. But then again, what is a reasonable price to be safe…

For sure more about this device soon! In the mean time check out the website which has some great info and demo’s of the vest online and watch the video.