AIDA Newsletter – April 2010

I must say that I’m pretty happy with the new board and their way of communicating into the open. Regular monthly newsletters are exactly what the community needs. So bravo to them. Below the newsletter for the month April. What do you think of the new AIDA Board and how the are handling things?

Aida Newsletter, April 2010

Kimmo Lahtinen, Board President, stated that despite the fact that the situation at the beginning of the year was challenging; progress has been made on many fronts. Monthly meetings have been established and new meeting tools enacted. The statutes and disciplinary guideline are ready for board review. The 2009 accounting has been prepared for Assembly review and the Aida Team world championship competition 2010 judge vote is ready to be launched. Kimmo is most pleased that the Board is still intact and capably working and improving. Committee members have not yet been approved by the Board but will be shortly.

The Technical Committee, led by Greg Piazzola, is finalizing the minority updates (critical corrections only) for the current Aida competition rules. An Aida freediving safety guide document is pending along with a general competition guideline. If you are interested in participating in a workgroup in this area; please contact Greg. Greg, Pim, and Sebastian are working with organizers in Okinawa for the Team World Championship. The website is up and running and the medals have been ordered. The Assembly is reminded to please register their teams for the competition as soon as possible.

Dr.Fitz-Clarke, with the Medical Science Committee, is continuing their agenda for 2010. The committee list includes: seeking international scientists for an advisory panel, developing freediving information packets for physicians, establishing a data base for black out incidents in competitions, and  developing a working paper on medical clearance. Additionally, Fred Le Maitre has circulated a research questionnaire for freedivers.

The Disciplinary Committee will present a vote to the Assembly for the Team World competition judges followed by a vote on the DC guidelines, which have now been reviewed. An eventual restructuring of the DC committee is under consideration.

Media Officer Sebastian Naslund, in addition to working on new templates for media releases, has been busy overseeing the aspects of the IT project. A preliminary version of the ranking system has been implemented and the new site navigation system is ready. Volunteer writers are needed to expand the content in the new site.

Pim Vermeulen Sports officer is evaluating and updating the competition calendar and supporting organizers with their competitions. The updated calendar is ready for migration to the new Aida site.  He is working with Grant Graves (Vice President) on judging issues and the new rules corrections. Grant is also responsible for record keeping on judge levels. Please submit competition judging experience to Grant to update your level. Aida cards printing is growing at a fast pace and Aida is seeking help from printing companies. Please inform Pim if you have a source for reasonable printing.

Secretary Pia Jerabek finalized a report on the general Aida finances with extensive help and exemplary cooperation from former treasurer, Sebastian Naslund.

Important Reminder! Aida payments are being processed with the account information and addresses, which can be found ad (at FAQ section).
Please remember to include the following information:

  1. Who is making the payment
  2. What the payment is for
  3. Aida organizations; please check your payment status for the current year (150 Euros)  as soon as possible so your country has membership and voting privileges. There remain some unclear Paypal payments from 2009, so please contact Pia to confirm your payment status.

The Aida Assembly email list (Yahoo groups) is now overseen by Pia. Assembly members are requested to check the list to ensure correct contact information so Kimmo can update the list.

The Aida competition rules update will be finalized by Grant and Greg. The judge database will be migrated from the old site to the new following the completion of the vote for the 2010 Championship judges. Project manager, Robert King, assisted by Petar Bojovic, Christan Ernest, and  Sebastian Naslund, have the  Aida statutes version 2010 ready for Board review. After the accounting review is submitted to the Assembly, the Board will arrange for a vote for an official Aida Treasurer.

The next Aida Board meeting is scheduled for May 4, 2010.

If you have any topics that should be discussed by the Board or you would like to volunteer your services to any of the Aida projects – please do not hesitate to contact any of the Board members.