Herbert Nitsch 1000 Feet / 305 Meter No Limits Dive

Herbert and his 214 meter No Limits setup. What will be different this year? (Click on it for bigger version)

40 year old Herbert Nitsch is still planning his incredible journey to a depth of 1000 feet or 305 meters while holding his breath. November in Greece is the time and place we here more and more. So Herbert will attempt to break his already 3 year old No Limits record when he reached a depth of 214 meter. He wants to improve his own record with 91 meters extra depth!

We all know the incredible skills of Herbert but is this 305 meters not just too much? For sure this record has nothing to do with the sport side of freediving, but it’s probably more a personal quest for Herbert to reach that magic number of 1000 feet. What improvements will he make to his already pretty out-of-the-box setup for his last no limits record.

It’s still essential that he will remain around a dive time of 4:30 minutes because of DCS and narcosis problems. And if you see his dive graph of the 215 meter dive it has already got ridiculous ascending and descending speeds. But there is room for speed increase; When Herbert dives down he stops at around 20-25 meters to empty his lungs into a  bottle around. This way he reduces narcosis/DCS problems and he has air left which he can use to equalize in the deep part when air is needed which normally he couldn’t get from his lungs anymore at that depth. To start at the surface, go to 20 meters and fill the bottle and continue takes around 30 seconds.

On the way to the surface Herbert takes it very very slow in the last 20 meters again. Doing a static hang at around 10 meters depth. So his time to surface from 25 meters on is around 1:30 minutes. That leaves 2:30 to go from 25 meters to 215 and back to 25 meters.  1:15 to descent 190 meters and 1:15 to ascent 190 meters, which is around 2,5 meters per second.

To go from 25 meters to 305 in 1:15 minutes is 280 meters with a speed of 3,73 meters per second. For his 215 meter dive his maximum speed going down was 3,1 m/s and going up 4 m/s. If Herbert could descent with a continue speed of 3m/s and ascent with 4,5m/s he would still be in the 2,5 minute time-frame.

Can you imagine stepping into the lift of the eiffeltower elevator on the third floor and touching the ground in 1:30 minute? That would be scary as hell! And now imagine standing at the bottom of the eiffeltower and being on the third floor in only a minute! Pretty Extreme! Puts things into perspective.

Good luck and safe dives to Herbert Nitsch and his crew. Any updates on the expedition can be read here.

Below a video of the 214 meter no limits dive and two teasers from his upcoming documentary about his 1000 feet quest.

What do you think about his 1000 feet quest?