Cold Water Reflex

Alon Rivkind sent me the following video where he demonstrates what happens if you do a static with your face immersed in cold water. His heartbeat gets as low as 33 beats per minute. Always interesting experiments like this. The video is in Hebrew, but the visuals say it all!

Some years back I did a static at 10 meters depth in 1 degree Celsius water. Yeah, under ice, I know! That made the effect even harder. After swimming down I had a heart rate of 85 beats per minute, but within 20 seconds after arriving at 10 meters depth and just hanging motionless over there, beats where down to 18 per minute. That was a very strange and intense feeling, something I still remember very vividly. The human body is capable of extraordinary things!

Did you ever do some of these experiments for yourself? If so, how did it go? Let me know in the comments!