Carlos Coste 150 Meter Dynamic Cave Freediving

Last week news came out that Venezuelan freediver Carlos Coste did a 150 meter long dynamic freedive through a cave. That was good enough for a new Guinness record. It took him 2:32 min to complete the dive at the Cenote Dos Ojos cave, situated in Quintana Roo.

Let’s think about that for a moment. Even when you know you can do a dynamic of 200 meters in a pool, it is quite different to do a 150 meter long dive that leads you through a cave, from which you don’t can come up for air. Also the rocks and not completly straight line you have to follow make it extra hard. This is as extreme as it can get! Congrats to Carlos for this achievement.

The whole event was organized by his manager and wife Gabriela Contreras along with a whole team of divers that documented the dive with HD 3D cameras. Here is Dan Burton his video of the event. Great video!