AIDA Update – What’s Going On?

It’s been a while since I did a last update about AIDA and what’s going on. If you remember, in the beginning of this year AIDA got started with a newly elected board of people and there was plenty of communication about everything that was going on. For five months this was perfect! Monthly newsletters, communications with everybody. But something went wrong and it became quiet again.

Yeah, I know! Vacation time, summer period, etc. But still, it was just to quiet. Half in the progress of moving to a new website. Ranking solutions being build. Paid employees hiring. And then there was silence.

Or not? Because somewhere around July the news came in that Sebastien Naslund has resigned from his post as Media/PR officer. For outsiders it was not really clear why Sebastien left, but after some digging it became clear there was a difference in the idea of work that a PR-officer needs to do between Sebastien and some board members.

Last week I got hold of the last minutes of the AIDA board meeting of October 2010. I think it’s a pretty clear document and sums it up. But you know what, read it for yourself. What do you think about how it’s going for AIDA at the moment?

AIDA International Executive Board Minutes – Oktober 2010 (pdf)