No AIDA For Herbert’s No Limits Record Attempt

It seems that Herbert Nitsch his freediving no limits record attempt won’t be an AIDA record after all if he makes it. The 800 feet/244 meter No Limits dive is being sponsored by watchmaker Breitling and they don’t seem to like other watchmakers.

AIDA has a sponsor agreement with Suunto for delivering their depth watches and part of this deal is that the judges on site of will wear official AIDA shirts that have the Suunto logo on them as well.

I understand that if you put 244.000 euros in an event like this that Breitling wants to be in the center of attention as well. So they said to get rid of the Suunto logo and that was apparently something AIDA couldn’t do. Too bad, because only the freediver community is the victim of this. So the team decided to remove the judges and still go forth with it.

Sled record attempts like this costs loads of money, if AIDA wants to keep this discipline in their list they need to think more about marketing and conflict of interests. It seems the luxury watch makers are pretty interested in the sport of freediving and with some of the top freedivers out there all sponsored by these guys, it was something that was bound to happen.