Herbert Is Ready

After doing a 190 meter dive 2 days ago, Herbert decided that he’s ready for THE dive. So instead of doing another deeper dive around 215 meter (a little bit deeper then the old record) he just want to jump ahead a be done with it.

“I felt so good on training in the last dives I did, that I see no need to raise the exposure level further. What’s the meaning of doing the 215m/700ft dive, when we all know that is just a meter more from where I left it 5 years ago. I don’t want to waste any more energy now. I just want to focus, concentrate and prepare for the current ultimate challenge, the 244m/800ft dive I’ll perform on Wednesday. After all, the final goal of this series of the dive, the name of the project itself is “EXTREME 800″. That’s what I want to focus on. That’s what we’ll achieve on Wednesday.”

Those are clear words. No more dive tomorrow and just preparing for the dive on Wednesday. It’s a big jump going from 190 to 244 meter at once. That’s 54 meters. But if you are Herbert, feel good and want to minimize the risk… Good luck to him!