Exciting News! How To Breath report Finished!

Hold Your Breath reportExciting news from the Shark Freediving HQ,! I just finished the ‘Hold Your Breath Longer’ book! Just send it away for some proofreading.

At the same time the 4-page ‘How To Breath’ report is finished as well and as we speak the tech guys are getting it ready to send out in the coming days.

As mentioned before: If you are an early subscriber to the free newsletter at Hold Your Breath Longer and signed up before November 1st, you will get this report for free!

For the rest of the people: the report will be put online for only 7 euros and I’m pretty proud about it. Lots of extra info and even a complete training program.

I will send a new mail as soon as it’s online! And a special mail to the early subscriber people!

Thanks for reading and following my newsletter. It means a lot to me to see so many people from around the world subscribing.


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PS: With all the holidays coming up I maybe put out a special offer if you signup to the Hold Your Breath Longer newsletter. So signup and be part of the group!